Papermela Hibiscus and Bohemian Collection


Papermela Hibiscus and Bohemian Collection Recently, I shared to you how can you beautify your planners using Papermela stickers and clips. Ooops, have you noticed as well that the shop name has changed? From Bella Storia MNL, it is now called Papermela. Well, I think the name best fits the shop. Isn’t it? Just few weeks ago, I have received […]

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What the Hack 2016 Cyber Security and IT Show


 Few days before the Philippine National Elections, the COMELEC website was defaced by the infamous Anonymous Philippines and the whole database was leaked when LulzSec Pilipinas posted the mirror links on Facebook. What the Hack 2016 Cyber Security and IT Show No system or network is 100% hacker proof – and all black hats believe this. – The Mind of […]

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Riding a Fast Car: The Peugeot 208 GT


Time check – 5:30 AM. Woke up from a nap just to know I am still here at Cubao. It’s almost an hour ride already since I hailed this bus at Fairview. At this early times of the day,  traffic is already communal. Not to add these “hakot” buses. Commuters like me spend almost 3 to 4 hours of our lives playing in […]

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